Even though the world is hi-tech, full of video and multimedia, the printed word still rules. We still depend on words to proclaim our messages in books, brochures, white papers, web pages and every other format. Computers have made it simple for anyone to enter text, but effective, carefully crafted messages take time and work. I can craft those messages for you.


Maybe you've already written your own copy, but you'd like a second set of eyes to make sure that you're expressing yourself as clearly and as well as possible. Maybe you don't feel that your words truly express what you want them to express. Word processors can check your spelling and your grammar, but they can't do it better than a writer with years of experience in proofreading and editing.

Technical Writing

Technical documentation often has a reputation for being cold, dull, unreliable. With years of professional and personal experience in the IT field I've seen a lot of documentation, both good and bad. I've seen what works and what doesn't, and I've used that experience when writing my own documentation. If you need accurate, thorough documentation, I can write it for you.


Standing in front of a group and teaching them what they need to know is both a skill and an art. It takes a lot of preparation to create just the right path to bring an audience to understanding.

Do you need someone to introduce your administrators to Perl or C programming? Do you need to train your users in Unix skills or your own applications and tools? Do you want your IT professionals to learn better presentation and speaking skills? I've spent many hours teaching a wide variety of classes. I can produce curricula and lesson plans to suit your needs, and can deliver lively, interesting and informative training. Click here for some sample titles.